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Current Issue: 6.50/8/9.
Back numbers:
OSN 1: 1.50/4/5
OSN 2, 3: 3.50/5.50/6.50 each.
OSN 4-27: 5/7/8.50 each.
OSN 28 onwards: 7/8.50/9.50 each.
(Note: OSN 28 onwards are printed in colour.)


Starting with OSN 48 subscribers may opt to receive the Newsletter by email with PDFs of pages attached. Pages are sent as soon as they are ready.

The cost for this method is a joining fee of 10 which covers the current and all future Issues.


Payments must be in Pounds Sterling (GBP), or as cash in Euros or US Dollars (at 1=$1.20=1.2 Euros). Please send payments to Tony Knowles, 7 Potters Way, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 1PY, England, and make cheques/money orders payable to P.A.Knowles.
Payments in Pounds Sterling can also be made using PayPal, please send to my contact email address given on the home page.

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