EXTRA OTHER SYSTEMS MATERIAL: please use the links below:

AUTO-CYCLE . This was a French system of the 1920s and the parts allowed realistic Cycles and Motorcycles to be made, also an elegant Sports Car and some rather rather strange Aeroplanes. Parts from two manuals are shown, courtesy Jacques Pitrat and Philip Woodcock. The first 6 illustrations are those in an early manual, and some of them were dropped later on. The final 2 are from a later edition and include the Aero and Car parts (none of the parts are named). It is hoped to include an article on AUTO-CYCLE in OSN 32.

BATTLEBOTS . These are single model outfits, each to make a model of a TV series robot. There are probably few common parts in the sets and so I think of them as 'constructional toys' rather than sets in a 'constructional system'.

KONSTRUKTA . The manual page shown has a list of the parts in the system. They are discussed in OSN 32/969 (it is said there that this page was not known before but it is in fact in MCS.)

CONSTRUCTOR . This page shows 4 models from the first phase of this French system in WW1, and they are referred to in an article in OSN 41.

TEKNO (Danish) . This page shows the Illustrated Parts taken from a 'Titan Crane' manual.

STABA H . The pages here show the contents of the STABA H Telephone sets and they supplement an article in OSN 46.

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